Do you need powerful expired domains for your PBN's or new money sites?

We find expired domains with good metrics, analyse them to know if they're SPAM free and give them to you for a small fee, so you can use them for your PBN's or money sites.

We also offer a Money Back Guarantee, if you see something from the domain that you dosen't like send us a message with the problem, and we will re-check it. 

In fact if the domain have bad backlinks or something like this that we didn't see in our spam check: we will refund your money or give you another domain without any problem!  

We prefer a happy customer rather than a single domain sold in exchange of a bad name for us. 

That's why you can buy domains without any risk.

TF = Trust Flow

CF = Citation Flow

RD = Referring Domains

EB = External Backlinks

ID Domain TLD TF CF Topics RD EB Lang Price BUY


We offer a 100% Money back guarantee if you find something bad with the domain that you bought from us.

You only have to contact with us, tell us the ID from the domain that you bought and what is the problem. 

We check all the domains before selling them, but if we miss something, like a spammy domain we will let you choose between another domain name or a refund.

How to buy a domain

We made it  very easy for you to buy a domain. 

You just have to research in the table above which domain do you like, then click on the buy now link. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card. 

Once the payment has been made, you'll instantly recieve an email with the domain that you've bought. Register it for yourself once you recieve it. 

Fast and simple

Easy and efortless transaction, get your domain in less than a minute.

let us know if you need help

Use or contact form if you need our help to procede with your oder.

Metrics from the domains

We value the domains based on the most important and reliable metrics: Trust flow from Majestic and referring domains.

If the domain that you bought doesn't match the Majestic Trust flow adveritsed, check first the different paths from it (URL, Subdomain or root) because it can change, then build your site using the one wich has the most trust flow.

TF, CF, Topics

TF = Trustflow
CF = Citation Flow

Topics = Majestic Topics

eb, rd

EB = External Backlinks

RD = Referring Domains


Once we send you the domain name, you can register it in the registar that you prefer, if you don't have any preference, we recommend you NameCheap.
This means that none of the domains that we sell here are registered by us, these are all expired domains that we have on stock, once you buy one, we will send you the domain name so you can register it.

any question?

Contat with us if you need any further help registering your new domain.


As we have already said, we will give you back your money or send you another domain for free if the domain that you bought from us has any problem.

With problems we mean things like: Spammed backlinks, Japanes or Russian in WayBack Machine, etc... If the domain is in perfect shape for use and you want a refund for another reason let us know what's the problem.

It's pretty difficult that his happends tohught, as we manually check each one of the domains that qe have on sale in our marketplace

we care about you

Don't hesitate to speak with us if you have any problem with your order

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